Mark Everex Collett

When Mark was two years old his father took him to see Star Wars and he continues to have an interest in all things relating to the world of Star Wars. Over the years, Mark has worked as a supporting artist on a number of films. In 2014 he was lucky enough to play two roles in Star Wars The Force Awakens, a First Order Tie Fighter Pilot and the Elite Special Forces Tie Pilot.  This character, identified by the two iconic red stripes on his helmet, crashed on the desert planet Jakku after being shot down by the Millennium Falcon.

Mark Everex Collett fitting photo (Star Wars VII)

One of the scenes in which Mark appears, the chase sequence with the Millennium Falcon on the desert planet Jakku, is distinguished as having been shot on 65 mm.

Please follow the link below for guest signing and autographs.



In 2016 Mark was made an Honorary Tie Pilot (JRS) by the 501st Legion for his help in costume specification and for appearing as a Tie Fighter Pilot in Star Wars VII.

mark everex collett

In June 2017 Mark was made a full honorary member of the 501st.




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Star Wars, its characters, and all associated content are the intellectual property of Lucasfilm. © & ™ Lucasfilm Ltd. All rights reserved.


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