To my knowledge there were only two Windak high-altitude pressure suits ever made. This unsuccessful space suit is arguably now first_men_in_moon4one of the most important Sci Fi costumes in history.

In 1964 both suits were used in the film First Men in the Moon. Then in the 1966 Doctor Who serial titled The Tenth Planet the suits were worn by two characters.

The BBC props department loaned the suits to Lucasarts where they became one of the most iconic costumes in Star Wars: the blue pressure suit worn by Bo Shek in A New Hope and the yellow suit worn by the bounty hunter Bossk in The Empire Strikes Back.

The 181st Tie Pilots, X-wing and A-wing Pilots have the Windak high-altitude pressure suit to thank. The distinctive ‘flak-vest’ started life as a “semi-rigid waistcoat” used to prevent the chest and back of the suit billowing under pressure.



You have to love 1960s England where spacemen wore semi-rigid waistcoats on bicycles rides to prove the manouverability of their suits.

On the same day I was made an honorary member of the 501st, I had a chance to explore the British National Space Centre with my son.

I had seen a photo of the blue Windak suit, worn by BoShek in Star Wars, on display at the National Space Centre but I could not find it.

Then, in the corner of a teaching room on the first floor of I found the original yellow Windak suit, worn by Bossk in Star Wars. The staff did not seem to understand the importance of the suit to a Star Wars fan!  They did however, kindly allow my son and I to take a closer look.